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Help! I'm Adopting a Child Written by Patricia Dopemu

Out now! Help! I'm Adopting a Child

By Patricia Dopemu

Based on their youngest son’s adoption, Patricia Dopemu, provides a first-hand insight into her and her husband’s experience as adoptive parents.
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practical, emotional and factual

Why you'll love this book

It is written in a concise and straightforward language to help the reader understand the adoption issues discussed. It presents a balance between Patricia and her husband’s practical, emotional and factual experiences during the entire adoption process. The book also offers practical guidance, useful tips and reassurance to prospective adoptive parents.

About Patricia

Patricia Dopemu is a wife mother and grandmother … committed to helping children and creating strong families through adoption. She has a law degree, LLB (HONS) and worked in family law—supporting families going through various difficult life changes. She also spent many years at the UK Border Force, where she was part of the Children and Young Person’s Team—aimed to protect unaccompanied minors and children involved in abductions or human trafficking. Patricia is the founder of Passion for the Unreached Foundation—a charity aimed at  helping  the less fortunate. She also operates, a website she created to encourage prospective adoptive parents … and serve as a platform to support adoptive families:  Patricia lives in London with her husband. They are blessed with three children and three grandchildren. 

Patricia Dopemu
“...for those that are considering this act of kindness, the book not only provides the Law in relation to adoption but also a raw and personal journey of the adoption process itself.”
Naomi Yeshua
Family Law Solicitor

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