Why we adopted our son

Why we adopted our son?

Our decision to adopt was something we already decided many years before we took the step.

My husband and I had talks about adopting a child sometime when we become ‘rich’ ie when we have a lot of money, settled in our lives and our own biological children are all grown up and probably left home.

However, we started reconsidering our position gradually as our middle son, then 6 years old constantly asked for a baby brother or sister. He would get back home from school  and explain to us how that all his friends have younger siblings.

We also started feeling ‘guilty’ because we knew that we had a lot of love in our hearts to give another child a better opportunity in life as well as space in our home, we had a spare room that would be perfect  for a child and financially we surely would survive as a family of 4.

We realised that we didnt have to be ‘rich’ to raise one more child in our home and the best time is NOW,  when we have the drive, motivation and energy.  We decided to go for it because we would have coped all the same if we were to discover we were expecting our own biological child at that time.

We decided to take the step because there are so many children needing loving homes and families and we had everything needed to reach out to at least one of them.

We decided that it was the right thing to do because as Christians, that is the basis of our relationship with God, He reached out to us in love and we ought to emulate that nature.

So we took the step, made  enquiries and went through the process…fast forward 2 years later, we took our son home with us to become part of our family. The story continues, with all the ups and downs, but it’s been an extremely  rewarding journey.